As most of you know, for almost 18 years, we’ve been skeptical and quite frankly, unsure about capturing the Studio's work on camera. The fear has always been that it would be seen as some sort of presentation of a final product to the masses and to the entertainment industry, ultimately seen out of context and misunderstood. Not to mention what this exposure would do to the safety of the ongoing work in the room and of the actors who so bravely participate in it month after month. 

However, we can no longer deny the truth — that we must, as actors, and recently as a digital society, do the work to explore ourselves in the presence and with all the implications of the camera.

It’s been almost a year in contemplation and camera testing, and we feel confident that we have an exciting format that we look forward to testing. This format will allow us to evolve as actors and artists by continuing to study and investigate ourselves and our humanity, as we capture it, document the lessons learned, and best of all share this exploration directly, and in a responsible context, to the people that stand to be most moved by it.

We'll be running some practical tests over the next month in both Los Angeles and Toronto, and are anticipating ongoing bi-monthly weekend classes with 8-10 actors where we can all work together in 'real world' set dynamics. The exact curriculum is still being defined but what we do know is that there will be light, cameras, guest directors, producers and cinematographers etc. As well, those actors participating will be encouraged to learn the work in various positions behind the camera as part of the lessons learned, and as always the LS&CO perspective and uncompromising feedback on it all.

MAKE NO MISTAKE this is not an on camera or audition class. For this particular experiment, we're interested in the reveal of the unpredictable human condition in its purest and most raw form, under the unique construct of a movie set. These ongoing bi-monthly weekend classes will be devoted to further evolving the work at LS&CO and discovering its synergy with the cinematic language. In other words how to bring the LS&CO principles to set!

We’re calling it the Motion Picture Lab.

All quiet please. 


(image) - john cassavetes directing (and shooting) gena rowlands & peter falk in
a woman under the influence (1974)