LS&CO Welcomes our newest instructor, Kristopher Turner

Kristopher Turner is a long-time LS&CO Master class student and company member. He has studied consistently with Michèle and Stephen in both Los Angeles and Toronto since 2011. Originally from Winnipeg, and currently living in Toronto, he has travelled and studied with LS&CO across North America and in Jamaica, and was directed recently by Michèle in the Toronto premiere of the play Bad Jews. Kristopher’s professional career has spanned over 17 years and includes: series regulars on four different television series; leading roles in multiple features, MOWs and stage productions, and guest star roles in many others. Kris has said that "the years of study at the studio have helped me immeasurably towards my ultimate goal as an artist and human, which is to find the freedom to be fully myself, with an open heart, always, and in doing so, inspire others to do the same." Kristopher lives with his wife Emilie and their cat Simcoe.