1. There are easier ways of studying storytelling than this one. This process is hard, but has wonderful long term benefits that you may apply to your life and career however you choose. You must be serious and devoted to the exploration of humanity, self, ego, your past and your future if you are going to have the will, desire or stamina to study this way. The most grounded professionals in many industries regularly continue to explore themselves and are always learning. 
  2. Our process is one of love, collaboration, honesty and exploration. You must be open to truly collaborating to experience the benefits of this work. We encourage you to constantly explore yourself through the work and fail, fail, fail, in front of others, with the certainty that you will look less than perfect doing so.
  3. Currently we have 2 levels of artists studying:

    Intermediate Artists: Artists who are in the beginning stages or have a good understanding of the LS&CO style of storytelling.

    Advanced and Master artist The Advanced / Master class is comprised of artists who have a well developed understanding of the LS&CO process.
  4. It's imperative you understand that you can leave this class at any time. As we said above, this way of studying is difficult, and you should understand your own threshold for it. Many artists have been coming and going as they please for decades. This is a collaborative exploration which fundamentally depends on you communicating exactly how you feel. If you have thoughts, revelations, concerns, confusion, feel uncomfortable in any way, or need clarification, please contact anyone in the organization immediately.
  5. LS&CO is not responsible for anything you do, or that happens to you outside the classroom, in any regard, personal, professional or otherwise. Everyone involved accepts %100 responsibility for the choices and actions they make inside and outside of the LS&CO classrooms. Additionally we make no claim that any advice, practices, techniques or lessons taken from the LS&CO classrooms will automatically result in job opportunities in the entertainment industry. LS&CO cannot make you famous.